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how I work

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“Hanna always kept open lines of communication and listened to what we needed, while providing perspective from her experience and day-to-day interaction with our daughters. It’s this teamwork mentality that allowed for us all to grow and evolve over the near 2 years of her employment… Hanna has a warm, calming, and in-control presence that our family cherished and we as a family used it for grounding each day.” — Ben F.

“She cared for the girls with warmth, gentle care, and respect. The twins’ low birth weight created challenges that Hanna capably rose to meet. She helped us set up the house for our new arrivals, taught us (as new parents) the fundamentals of newborn care… She took care to understand our family dynamic and supported us as we developed our own parenting style. Her calm and positive style of care set the tone for our first few weeks as a family and still informs the way we parents the twins nearly six months later.” — Jessica M.

“Hanna also showed great sensitivity, she invested not only in building a relation with our daughter but also with us parents… Hanna was very understanding and shared her thoughts and ideas in an open and positive manner, which benefitted the overall care of [child].” — Bouke R.

I support families of all backgrounds and configurations.

My childcare motivations lie in supporting new families and helping them adapt to their new normal and find their groove as parents. I am a true team player and will prioritize your needs in order to best keep your life and household running peacefully. I give my heart to children as if they were my own, yet maintain professional boundaries as a caregiver. I strive to practice clear communication, patience and empathy.

I usually start with a family when the child/ren are newborn or within the first four months. My skills and experience lend best to the first weeks, months and year, growing with the children into their second year. However, I have worked with all ages and am currently caring for a 14mo and an almost 4yo.

How I work:

  • With families vaccinated against COVID
  • In homes without pets or hypoallergenic pets only
  • Paid via W-2
  • Benefits/stipulations including: health insurance stipend, paid vacation (PTO), public holidays and sick time, guaranteed hours, continued pay while family is away, no banking hours, an annual/holiday bonus and annual raise, federal mileage reimbursement, and a covid agreement

My services include:

  • providing childcare and support in your home as early as birth
  • supporting chest feeding, at the direction of your family
  • preparing bottles and bottle feeding with parent’s milk and/or formula
  • washing and sterilizing bottles and pumping parts
  • performing all nursery duties: changing diapers, dressing, bathing, caring for umbilical stump, trimming fingernails and toenails
  • stretching and giving baby massage
  • doing all child-pertaining laundry, including changing bedsheets and washing cloth toys
  • light housekeeping: organizing children’s spaces, cleaning up after children and myself, running and unloading dishwasher, sweeping and vacuuming when needed, taking out diaper garbage
  • running errands: groceries, pharmacy, post, miscellaneous
  • helping to organize new family space in the home for baby items and furniture
  • recognizing your baby’s patterns and establishing routines
  • sleep coaching/training, starting around 8-12 weeks old
  • helping to find sleep solutions for entire family
  • stepping in when you need sleep, alone time or time with older sibling(s)
  • holding space for you to share or process your birthing and postpartum experience
  • troubleshooting and referring to specialists when needed
  • accompanying you on first trips outside
  • accompanying you or taking child to health and admin. appointments
  • introducing first solid foods, with awareness of potential allergies
  • preparing homemade baby puree from fresh produce, grains, meat and fish
  • building stock of homemade baby food
  • preparing and serving meals
  • structuring daily and weekly nap, meal and activity schedule
  • tending to progressing physical, mental and emotional development and needs of child
  • working to build beginning language through English, Sign Language and desired languages by e.g. music, singing, reading books, mimicking
  • working to build fine and gross motor development by e.g. climbing, dancing, finger painting, hand games
  • going on daily walks and adventures outdoors
  • regularly cleaning stroller and toys
  • researching and organizing local activities, playground visits and playdates with other children, at the direction of your family
  • rotating seasonal and age-appropriate wardrobe, items and toys
  • ironing children’s clothing for special occasions
  • packing children for travel
  • traveling with family, if desired
  • supporting KiTa Eingewöhnungsphase, German daycare settling-in process
  • supporting potty training
  • maintaining cultural and identity sensitivity and family privacy
  • never posting photos of children on social media or elsewhere (all photos on this website have been posted with permission of parents)
  • implementing all COVID guidelines and following developments

My experience has also included:

  • caring for premature and low birth weight newborns
  • performing skin-to-skin contact with newborns
  • performing infant physical therapy exercises for torticollis and plagiocephaly
  • working with child with autism
  • working with children with food allergies
  • working with single parent families and first time parents
  • visiting and supporting family during a child’s hospital stay
  • managing health crises and performing infant first aid
  • working overnights
  • working with families preparing for and through relocation
  • light housekeeping and running errands while family is out of town
  • working alongside a co-nanny
  • collaborating care alongside grandparents
  • supporting family unit and working as a team during COVID pandemic, eliminating extraneous social contact
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